Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Acupuncture Ambassadors Think Tank and other plans.

I know it has been a while since I posted but I wanted to let you all know that I have been working on an update and will be posting it very soon.

I do want to say that I want to thank all who have been participating in the development of the Acupuncture Ambassadors Travel Television series. All is moving along quite nicely and the excitement is growing everyday. Will keep you posted as to our progress.

We are working on a number of new features for our website, ones that we believe can help us move forward with our mission of “integrating our medicine into global healthcare”. One of the very exciting features we are working on is the “Ambassador Think Tank”. It will be for discussing the “big ideas”, the sometime obvious and sometimes not so obvious potential of our medicine. It will begin in the form of discussions but I would like to take it to another level. If a “big idea” becomes developed through our discussions, we will form a plan to move the idea forward, first in our community and then out into the mainstream. The world is so quickly changing and we don’t have the luxury of time anymore. Thinking small doesn’t cut it.

Besides our new service of promoting and posting the workings and volunteer opportunities of many our partner organizations of Humanitarian Acupuncture, we will also be featuring some individual colleagues who are doing some extraordinary things in and outside the treatment room.

I am so fortunate that working in an organization like Acupuncture Ambassadors gives me the opportunity to connect directly with so many of you. I am so impressed by the caliber and quality of our members. We are a community of thinkers and doers: intelligent, caring, passionate and compassionate people who say what they mean and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Wow! It is so inspirational to be around such individuals like yourselves.

So stay tuned.
Best regards,

Anthony Giovanniello, Ms.Ac., L.Ac


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